Campbell's Silver Lining Ride


That’s the amount of women that will die this year from ovarian cancer. It’s also the amount of kilometres our assistant coach, Campbell Brown will have ridden by the end of this month.

Campbell’s taken on this challenge to raise much needed money for ovarian cancer research and help find a cure for the same disease that he lost his mother to last year.

So we’re doing our part and we want as many KBFNC people to donate as possible. We’re getting everyone to deposit the money into the club’s bank account and then we’ll donate it to Browny’s fund in one lump sum.

So if you can spare a few bucks to support him and the research please send it to -

KBFNC 633 000 136332087 Rererence: 1068 (and your name)

Browny admits he’s not the greatest on the bike.

We were able to see that at his first day at the club when he lost control and fell straight into the big drain along Hade Avenue.

But the most important thing is that he’s getting out of his comfort zone and doing it for a fantastic cause.

So let’s make sure we do our best to get around him and offer our support!


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